Airline ticket increases expected in the coming years – The challenge leading to rising costs

What percentage increase in ticket prices is expected in the coming years – The challenge of going green at airports – Major changes in aviation were discussed at the 14th annual meeting of European Airport Managers

European aviation is facing major changes which will translate into rising travel costs and rising air ticket prices.

The carbon footprint reduction policy in Europe will mean different ways of managing airports, which, in order to be sustainable, will lead to an increase in prices, as was pointed out at the 14th annual meeting of European Airport Operators (ACI Europe), held for the first time in Greece and in particular in Chania, by Fraport Greece.

According to ACI Europe Director General, Olivier Jankovec, there is currently an increase in ticket prices of around 26% yet traffic has not decreased and demand from passengers continues to increase. But in the coming years given European policies of reducing the carbon footprint, there is expected to be an additional increase of around 5-10%. Whether this will affect traffic remains to be seen.

For his part, Fraport Greece CEO Alexander Zinel said that all the links connected to aviation are looking at ways in which the transition to “green airports” will not bring a large cost burden.

He said Fraport has already started green transition efforts, for example by setting up photovoltaic parks on existing infrastructure to generate its own electricity. But the biggest burden on the carbon footprint issue is caused by fuel and emissions from aircraft, and this is one area where effective solutions need to be found.

According to Mr. Zinel at Chania Airport in compliance with the rules of the legislation, there are obstacles to the creation of a large photovoltaic infrastructure because the islands as he said are subject to very specific legislation, however there are other interventions that have been made and can be additionally made to make the airport more viable.

Also, Mr. Zinnell in response to a question about the radar at Chania Airport, he reiterated once again the … number of 18 months as the time frame required for the radar to operate, also reiterating once again that there have been delays due to the establishment of specifications on the part of the Ministry and the CAA, stressing that we are at the stage of awarding the contract.

Finally, on the sidelines of the meeting, the president of the Association of Hoteliers Chania, talking about the data we have so far available to us, spoke of a much better than last year and from 2019, year in tourism.

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