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The city of Chania in Greece, located on the island of Crete’s northwest corner, is an increasingly popular destination for travelers from around the world who come to enjoy the year-round wonderful weather as well as excellent activities, sightseeing and other great attractions.

 If you are planning on staying in Chania then you will have to get there by vehicle because the airport is about 14.5 kilometers (or roughly 9 miles) from the city, so walking isn’t an option.

Thankfully, the airport offers the choice between taking a bus or getting a taxi ride – and the latter can be a great choice. When you travel in a taxi you have greater privacy than public transportation because the only people in the car will you be, your travel companions, and the taxi driver. And you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that all of your suitcases and other luggage are safely secured in the trunk of the taxi for the entire ride.

Another top advantage of riding by taxi between Chania Airport and the city center is that the driver will take you directly to the entrance of your hotel or wherever you’re staying.

To find the taxi pickup area, after your flight has landed and you have passed through passport control and also retrieved your luggage, follow the signs for taxis outside the Arrivals B area of the airport. If you are unable to find the taxi waiting area then you can simply ask a member of the Chania Airport staff to help you find out where you need to go in order to get a taxi.

The average journey time between the locations is about 25 minutes but you can expect the ride to be longer if you are traveling at peak times when many cars are on the road, such as rush hour. By contrast, if you’re in the taxi at quieter times like night then the ride may be faster.

Many travelers report that they like the fact Chania Airport taxis charge a flat rate of €25 to get to the city center. Some local drivers might try to make you pay more, so be sure to confirm this rate before getting into any taxi from the airport. If your driver tries to claim that there are no such flat fares and that you must pay a much higher rate, you should not ride with them.

Tipping your taxi driver is not compulsory, and indeed if you feel that you have had an unsafe ride then you should feel free to tip nothing. However, if your driver delivered you to your hotel or other destination in Chania quickly and safely then you should consider tipping them a few Euros as a way to thank them for the comfortable ride from the airport.

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Rate per km. inside city limits-p.l. Νο10,74€
Rate per km. outside city limits-p.l. Νο21,30€
Radio taxi: Simple call or appointment0,00€ to 6,20€
Waiting time per hour11,90€
To airports – from airports2,85€
From sea ports & interstate bus station1,18€
Night tarif from 24:00 to 05:00(p.l. Νο2)1,30€
Baggage offer 10 kgs each0,43€
Minimum charge3,72€
The consumer is not obliged to pay if the notice of payment has not been received (receipt-invoice)

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Chania Airport Taxi FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Chania Airport Taxis 

The total distance between Chania Airport and downtown is roughly 14.5 kilometers (or just over 9 miles), depending on which route your taxi driver decides to take.

No, whenever you get a taxi from the airport directly to a location within the city of Chania you should be charged a flat rate of €25. You should confirm this fare with your driver before starting the journey, and refuse to get in any taxi that wants to charge you more.

If you are taking a taxi from the airport straight to a hotel somewhere in the center of the city, the journey should take an average of 25 minutes. The ride may be quicker if you are traveling late at night or early in the morning, or slower at busier travel times such as rush hour.

Yes, taxis should be available for picking you up from the airport 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so even if your flight is delayed by many hours and you arrive late at night, you can still get a ride but you should be prepared to possibly have to wait longer to get picked up.

Tipping is not mandatory when taking a taxi from Chania Airport to the city, but it is considered to be a nice gesture to tip your driver a few Euros if they have provided you with a fast, safe and secure ride to your destination in Chania. Alternatively, if you don’t believe that you received a comfortable ride then you have the option of not leaving any tip.

Yes, airport taxis provide you with much better privacy because the only people in the car will be yourself, the driver, and any people that you might be traveling with. In addition, your luggage will be secured in the car’s trunk throughout the ride. Another benefit over taking the bus is that the taxi will drop you off exactly outside your destination within Chania.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€